What is included in the art boxes?

Everything that is required to complete the task.

How much time does an art pack take to complete?

Every pack varies in time and each child works at a different pace, there are usually several steps in the process, sometimes it may be completed in one sitting, other times it may be completed over several days.

How quickly will ‘My Creative Child’ box or pack be delivered?

One the order is received it will be processed and sent for delivery to you within 5-8 working days, or if a monthly pack, it will be delivered at the start of the next corresponding month.

How do I get information and details when new packs are released?

The best way is to sign up to the newsletter and as a new pack is released we will let you know, what’s new, what’s included and when you can order.

What are postage and handling costs

All costs are flat rate and applied at checkout depending on your location.

Can I pick up the order myself?

Yes, if you are in South Australia, boxes can be ordered online, then tick the pickup box and we will organise a time for you to pick up from our Glenelg Location. No postage and handling charges will be added to a pick up order.

Are the My Creative Child art boxes educational?

Absolutely, every task is carefully planned and tested by child education art specialists with the view of developing your creative child. The concepts are open and form the basics of process art. All skills are carefully planned and age appropriate, building self-esteem and technique development. Monthly subscription packs are developmental as well, building on skills and previous knowledge. Most importantly as well as educational, My creative Child packs are fun.

Do I need to help my Child?

The under 5 packs are designed to work with your children as a guide, parent prompts are included and assist you to teach your child whilst leaving it open for their interpretation. The over 5 packs are designed for most children to complete without assistance.

If I subscribe to a 3, 6 or 12 month pack, what does this mean?

At the start of the next month the first of your 3, 6 or 12 packs will arrive then following on, each month the next pack will arrive until you have received all the packs as ordered.

Can I buy every month as a one off in the monthly packs rather than in 3, 6 or 12 month blocks?

Yes, you can, the monthly packs are all optional or you can lock in, up to you.

If I order a BirthdayParty Pack, what does it include besides the art lesson itself?

You will receive everything you need to host an amazing art party, it will all be packaged ready to go, if you order the Happy As, or the Party Central packs, you will also receive matching party tableware and more. Please check the different packs for details.

Do you ship overseas from Australia?

Yes, we do. We ship all over the world and have little artists in many countries enjoying our art lessons.

Can I return the product?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take returns. If you are not satisfied or it has arrived damaged, please contact us by email as soon as possible so we may assist.

If I work in a school or childcare centre, can you deliver for a group?

Yes, we create the packs to be art lesson ready for you school, preschool or community group. You can contact us directly for more details on how to make this happen.

What if I have more than one child?

The packs are designed for one child. You can order a pack per child, this way each child can have their own individual box that will be similar, but materials paint and colourations will differ, this will allow for their own creative and unique input.

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